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as much as $40,000 a couple. coming up in ten minutes we will have more from los angeles on the president's visit there tonight. >>> san francisco's big weekend is just about to officially be over and everything appears to have gone smoothly from the blue angels to the niners and giants, the fair and music festival. monty francis has a wrap up of what has been a busy but fun weekend for most people. hello, monty. >> thank you. good evening. more than 1 million visitors spent part of the weekend in the city and there were no major problems with traffic. even the fog lifted delaying the blue angels by only an hour. from the blue angels to blue grass they came to san francisco this weekend. packing muni bus and filling city streets. >> crazy is what it is. this is what san francisco is all about. great weather, beautiful fall day. a lot of people. a lot of great energy. a lot of fun. arer the 39 ths annual astro street fair drew hundreds of the castro sdplit is wonderful. so many much going on in the city we can always use the money for the city coffers. >> reporter: in addition to fleet wee
angeles. traffic nightmare it was not. the mayor of los angeles was calling it carmegeddon two. today he called it a success. >> we are on track. thank you los angeles! once again, the ten-mile closure of the nation's busiest highway was a resounding success. >> similar to last year, many people stayed off the roads and the weekend traffic was light. the freeway is set to reopen on time tomorrow morning at 5:00. >>> there were two winning lotto tickets in this weekend's $28 million super lotto jackpot drawing. one of the winning tickets was sold at the ocean supermarket. the owner of the market gets $70,000 for selling the ticket. >> fortunate enough to have $14 million winner here at the ocean supermarket. we are very pleased with that. >> this is the first winner they have ever had. >> each of the winning tickets is worth about $10 million when you transfer it in to cash. >>> rob is here right now with a check on the forecast for us. it was hot today and it is going to get hotter? >> the thing tomorrow is we will start off even warmer than today. it is like a running start. in fact you
helped him. darnell washington is accused of shooting a los angeles county sheriff's deputy on september 2. hercules police say they don't know how the couple acquired ko's car. still neighbors are on edge. >> we will be careful anyway. it is sad to happen in any community. i encourage anybody to become closer neighbors. it is a big difference. >> reporter: the family did release a statement saying that the discovery of the car does provide some comfort. they said they would like to thank the community, the hercules police department and the fbi for all their hard work. meanwhile the investigation in this case continues. reporting live in hercules i'm cheryl, nbc bay area news. >>> the doping evidence against lance armstrong is out in the open tonight. why it may not be all bad news for the cyclist. >>> a football brawl and it is the coaches that sparked it. find out what parents are saying about it. >>> the boy scouts kicked him out. now ellen sits down with a gay teenager. you'll hear how his life has changed since coming out. >>> a political fire storm on capitol hill today over a kil
and we'll look at the space shuttle "endeavour" as it makes its way live through los angeles. it is about, i don't know. six, seven, eight hours behind schedule. eventually it will make it to the california science center. good night. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant >>> good evening and welcome to the first and only vice presidential debate of 2012. [ applause ] thank you. thank you. i'm martha raddatz of abc news. and i'm honored to be here moderating tonight's debate. we have a wonderful audience, and it should be a lively evening. right no
another painful jump overnight. 20 cents in some areas. people near los angeles waited in very long lines to get gas at a costco this afternoon. the lines were deep and spilled right onto the street. now triple a now says the state average for a gallon of unleaded is 4.49, the highest in the country. only 12 cents lower than the state record back in 2008. >>> they're on the hunt for a burglar. palo alto police released a sketch of a suspect today spotted leaving the scene of a crime. police say a man that looks like this sketch robbed the home near arrow head yesterday morning. it was a common approach, the homeowner left the home to run an errand, and the burglar returned. when she returned she noticed a man getting into a black four-door vehicle nearby. so far in palo alto there were 160 burglaries. >>> and searching for burglary suspects, they opened fire after a neighbor confronted them on gulf drive near the intersection of key road. the suspects wearing dark clothing abandoned their silver bmw, and fled. >>> and people feeling frustrated and vulnerable with fewer officers and rising
than it was supposed to. vicki vargas from our sister station in los angeles is live with the latest. hello, vicki. >> reporter: good evening, diane. look like they tucked the shuttle in for the night and they have. it is going to a new building in three years but for now it will go on exhibit in two weeks. it's been to the space station and back. flown beyond the earth's orbit two dozen times but the final approach for the "endeavor" boiled down to this, a single, tight left turn on 39th street sfwlit is huge. >> the 12-mile trek had kept young and old in awe as the shuttle inched across city streets. traffic stopped and thousands gathered. as the $1.8 billion shuttle aimed toward its final stop. >> it is the happiness and the joy it's brought. lovely. wonderful, awesome. all the adjectives you can think of. all of them. >> in its prime the five-story tall shuttle was used to treat and repair satellites but tree trimmers were called to make way for the wingspan and a hydraulic leak added to the delay. the shuttle will go on display october 30th. part of the exhibit until a new build
to los angeles county, monterrey to sacramento. >> we don't have an exact number of how many wells in the state are fracture stimulated. >> you don't know? >> we don't know each individual well. >> reporter: tim cusack is the top administrator at the geo thermal resources. >> as a scientist wouldn't you want to know? it is something that you should have. >> certainly we want to know and they are willing to provide it. >> reporter: right now all of the reporting and data collecting is voluntary. >> is california behind the curve on this? >> we may be behind the curve on some of the disclosure of information but ahead of the curve on construction. >> reporter: california state law requires strict monitoring, reporting and regulating any oil well construction, but it doesn't require the same for fracking, not even a permit. >> end fracking now! >> reporter: fracking is a technique that raised serious health concerns in communities all over the country where it is used to mine natural gas. in some communities, drinking water has even caught fire from the high levels of fracking chemica
and in north carolina, los angeles congresswoman lucille roy ball alard is calling for change. >> there's today in this country, children working under deplorable conditions that are not equally protected under our child labor laws. these are the children who work in agriculture. >> reporter: and you want to change that? >> i want to change that. >> reporter: congresswoman has introduced in congress once again the care act, legislation she first pushed her 12 years ago. >> the care act introduced in order to give children in agriculture here in the united states, the same protection that children have in any other industry. >> reporter: there are others here in congress who are not so eager to pass new legislation to protect children working in agriculture. >> there's no need for it. >> reporter: senator charles grassley of iowa, is the co-sponsor of a bill that would do the opposite. it's called preserve america's family farms act. it would prevent changing the rules for children in agriculture. >> it wouldn't be unusual to put in 14-hour or 18-hour days. there's probably no difference between
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8